Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Commercial Christmas pole decorations

We have an endless variety of decorations that mount to your utility poles to brighten your city or parking lot during the holiday season. Christmas pole decorations are not the only displays that you can install. How about Halloween and Valentines Day? Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc can provide whatever display you require and all are available in silhouette or garland form and can have LED or incandescent lighting. Log onto www.crystalvalley.com and download our 2009 catalog or email us at info@crystalvalley.com or call (541) 924-0700.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Christmas snowflake pole decorations

No other company can provide you with a wider selection of snowflake pole decorations than Crystal Valley Decorating,Inc. Our snowflake designs are as individually unique as the real thing! We have dozens of snowflake decorations and all are available with LED lights, garland, silhouette, or energy saving solar reflective disks that shimmer in the wind and reflect the smallest amounts of light from dark wintry skies or even from headlights and street lamps overhead. You may also choose from our fabulous collection of snowflake pole decorations that feature our glitter mesh. To view some of our most popular snowflake pole decoration designs log onto www.crystalvalley.com and download our new 2009 catalog. Our snowflake pole decor starts on page 12 and all are available in any size to fit your need. You may also email us at info@crystalvalley.com or call (541) 924-0700.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Christmas, holiday light pole decorations

We have thousands of different decorations for light poles to adorn your city streets, downtown business districts, and shopping center and shopping mall light poles this holiday season. Whether you need to decorate for the Fourth of July, Halloween, or Christmas let Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc make your event to come alive. You may choose from decorations that utilize garland, are silhouette, static or animated, glitter mesh and solar disk, or those having LED lights. Log on to www.crystalvalley.com and download our 2009 catalog to view many of our most popular pole decoration designs. For more information simply email us at info@crystalvalley.com or call us at (541) 924-0700.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Custom commercial Christmas decorations LED lights

When we say "custom," we mean custom. Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom commercial Christmas decorations and lighted displays for special events. Whether you need a walk through giant artificial Christmas tree, a themed ground mounted or pole mounted decoration, or even a spectacular LED lighted and animated light show piece Crystal Valley has everything you need. If you have a simple idea and want it to be made in to a fabulous eye catching and crowd drawing show piece Crystal Valley's designers and fabricators can make your event come to life. For more information and design ideas email info@crystalvalley.com, call (541) 924-0700, or go to www.crystalvalley.com and download our new 2009 catalog.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Victorian Christmas Decorations

Many of our customers decorate with Victorian themes. They are looking for a Dicken's style decor program and select from Crystal Valley's beautiful collection of Victorian period pieces. All of our displays are available either animated or static and can be lamped with LED lights or traditional incandescent lighting. Our Victorian themed displays offer classic holiday ideas for any city, park, estate, or drive through light show. To view our many popular displays simply log onto www.crystalvalley.com and download our 2009 catalog and select pages 24 & 25. For more information you can email info@crystalvalley.com or call (541) 924-0700.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Commercial Christmas Decorations 12 Days of Christmas

Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. has a spectacular selection of Twelve Days of Christmas displays! All are available in animated or static form, with LED lights, silhouette or garland, and can be used in any application setting. We have pole mounted versions for city streets, ground/building front/roof top versions for parks and business complexes as well as walk thru arches for you to choose from. All of these beautiful displays can be seen at www.crystalvalley.com by downloading our 2009 commercial Christmas catalog and viewing pages 36 & 37. You can also email info@crystalvalley.com or call us at (541) 924-0700 for pricing and additional options.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cowboy Western Christmas Decorations

Yee Ha! Do you live in the fabled West? Does your city or business have a western themed festival or want good ole' western flavored Christmas decorations? Well, Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc has everything you need to celebrate your special events or holiday season with a western/cowboy motif! Are you hanging banners on your buildings and light poles and in need of the finest banner brackets available? Titan Banner Brackets from Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc are just what you need to hang any size boulevard or building banner in any location. For more info on Titan Banner Brackets and Cowboy/Western commercial Christmas decorations email info@crystalvalley.com or call us at (541) 924-0700. You can also log onto www.crystalvalley.com or www.titanbannerbrackets.com to view many of our fabulous product designs.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Light Pole holiday decorations and commercial Christmas displays

Decorating lightpoles along city streets and in parking lots is a popular and economic method of brightening up the holidays. At Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc we produce thousands of different lightpole decorations including silhouettes, garland wrapped, lighted with LED's, unlighted, Solar Disk, glitter mesh, and all of these options our available in limitless designs. Our catalog is loaded with popular decorations and ideas for you to choose from and all come with our famous Five Season Heavy Weather Warranty. Download our 2009 catalog at www.crystalvalley.com to view our fabulous selection of displays made right here in Oregon. Why settle for cheap decorations made overseas when you can have quality commercial Christmas decorations produced in the USA? You can also email info@crystalvalley.com or call us at (541) 924-0700.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Commercial Christmas Wreaths for buildings and lightpoles

When celebrating the holiday season nothing says Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth quite like a beautiful wreath. The wreath is a symbol of goodwill during the holidays no matter the religious beliefs. Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc makes all of our holiday wreaths at our facility right here in Oregon. Our wreaths can be made of any of the garlands that we manufacture and they can be displayed on buildings, roof tops, light poles, or have a stand for ground mount installations. All of our wreaths can be decorated with lights, ornaments, and a beautiful Crystal Valley Imperial Bow. To see a selection of our wreaths log onto www.crystalvalley.com and download our 2009 catalog, email info@crystalvalley.com, or call (541) 924-0700.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Retro - Old Time Commercial Christmas Decorations

At Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc we take great pride in our ability to produce innovative and modern looking commercial Christmas decorations with animation and LED lights. These modern style decorations are very popular but it is our ability to reproduce designs manufactured by Crystal Valley and Valley Decorating from past decades that draw many customers to our company. Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc produces "retro" or "old time" displays based on our original designs from the 50's, 60's, and 70's with the added ability of updating the framework with state of the art manufacturing techniques and modern day wiring and production procedures. These displays from "days past" are incredibly popular for movie sets, historic districts, and those that want the Old Time Christmas feel from years past. To see some of our popular decorations from past decades or to view our modern displays go to www.crystalvalley.com. You can also email info@crystalvalley.com or feel free to call us at (541) 924-0700.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Custom commercial Christmas decorations LED lights

At Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc we provide our customers will hundreds of stock designs that we have been building since the 1950's. We sell thousands of these decorations each year and manufacture all of them right here in Oregon. As popular as our stock decorations are the many requests we get for custom designs from cities, shopping centers, shopping malls, resorts, universities, and business complexes around the world. Our custom Rocky Mountain Pine Trees with LED lights and animation are legendary in the commercial Christmas decoration industry. Our custom silhouette and garland displays are just as well known and we can build any display for any installation. For more ideas and information go to www.crystalvalley.com and download our 2009 catalog. You can also email info@crystalvalley.com or call (541) 924-0700.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Skylines and Cross Street LED Commercial Christmas Decorations

Decorating above your city streets and the front of buildings during the holiday season is very common for businesses, municipalities, and shopping centers. For decades Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc has been manufacturing a wide variety of silhouette, garland, flitter disk, and glitter mesh skyline and cross street decorations that are on display in thousands of locations throughout the world. Our most popular catalog examples are available on our website in our catalog download and you can also view examples of the many custom decorations we have manufactured. LED lights, animated, and static displays are always available. If you would like more information please contact Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc by email at info@crystalvalley.com or call (541) 924-0700.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Commercial Christmas Decorations LED lighted animal displays

Many zoos and aquariums around the country utilize LED lighted displays portraying the many animals in their care. Patrons of all ages visit to view and enjoy these beautiful displays with LED lights. Lighted animal themed displays from Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. are not just for zoos and aquariums as many municipalities, shopping centers and malls, and business complexes utilize these themes to help show their holiday spirit at Christmastime. Exotic animals, deer, moose, eagles, fish, bears, birds, and forest critters are just some of the LED displays that are available through Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc and you can view many of these by logging onto www.crystalvalley.com and viewing the "Wild Kingdom" section of our catalog. You may also email info@crystalvalley.com or call (541) 924-0700.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Earth friendly commercial Christmas Decorations

At Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. we utilize many different options to provide our customers with "earth friendly" or "green" decorations. Our customers can choose from LED lights, Glitter Mesh, or Flittering Solar Disks, or garland to highlight their displays. When in need of displays where power is not available our garland/disk/mesh displays are the perfect choice. You may view the video of our amazing Flittering Solar Disk displays to see just a few examples of what "electricity free" displays can look like in your location. For more information contact Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc at (541) 924-0700, email info@crystalvalley.com, or log onto www.crystalvalley.com and download our 2009 catalog.

Titan Banner Bracket Fourth of July pole decorations with LED lights

Banners are a very popular pole decoration for the Fourth of July holiday yet they are not the only pole decoration to display for Independence Day. Many of our customers enjoy the ease of rotating banners and lighted decorations on utility poles when using our Titan Banner Bracket mounting system. Our Titan Slider and banner arm can be easily removed from the Titan Base Plate which allows are pole decoration to be installed in place of the banner. When your specific event is over and you are ready to once again install your banners, simply slide the decoration off the Base Plate and slide the Slider and banner arm onto the Base Plate which is already in place on your utility pole or wall location. It's that easy, that affordable, and that quick when using Titan Banner Bracket mounted banners and decorations. For more ideas log onto www.crystalvalley.com, email bannerbrackets@crystalvalley.com, or call (541) 924-0700.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Commercial Christmas and Halloween Decorations

If you are in the commercial decorating business you realize that Christmas is just around the corner and before Christmas comes Halloween. Large scale commercial decorating for Halloween is becoming much more prevalent as businesses and municipalities are seeing an increase in consumer traffic for this holiday. Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc has a spectacular selection of LED Halloween decorations for any application. Whether you have a shopping mall or shopping center, a city park, a business complex or maybe a resort or hotel, we have incredibly uniques commercial Halloween decorations to help you draw customers to your area. To see many of our popular Halloween displays log onto www.crystalvalley.com and download our 2009 catalog, email info@crystalvalley.com, or call (541) 924-0700.