Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green Earth Friendly Commercial Christmas Decorations

When we at Crystal Valley say our decorations offer "earth friendly" and "green" alternatives for your holiday display purchases, we mean it. Our decorations are made from over 65% recycled steel and are over 90% recyclable. Not only are they recyclable but we have many dazzling displays that require zero electricity! Through the use of flittering solar disks, glitter mesh, and our spectacular garland we can provide exciting displays for any location that does not have available electrical service or even if you just prefer unlighted displays. If you do have power but want to consume 85% less electricity than incandescent lights then why not try our fabulous LED options? For more information on earth friendly green Christmas and special event decorations contact Crystal Valley by email at or call us at (541) 924-0700. Go to to download our 2009 catalog and view the many exciting options available!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shopping Center Commercial Christmas Decorations

If you are looking for decorations for your shopping center, shopping district, or parking lots for the upcoming holiday season or any other special event, Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. has the largest variety of displays for you to choose from. At Crystal Valley, we manufacture all of our artificial Christmas Trees, light pole decorations, building front displays, drive through light show exhibits, silhouette and garland wrapped animated designs, and our famous Titan Banner Brackets to fulfill any decor and installation need you may have. If you need a custom designed display for that special event or holiday we are always happy to work with you to create the perfect idea for your budget and location. For more information log onto , email or call us at (541) 924-0700.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Commercial Artificial Christmas Trees

The Rocky Mountain Pine Tree from Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. is known as the legendary giant of the commercial holiday decorating industry. Built in our facility here in Oregon, the Rocky Mt Pine is in a category by itself. This is not an import tree from China. This tree is american made and backed by our 5 Season Heavy Weather Warranty. Our trees are visible around the globe in the most high end retail locations and municipalities from Alaska to New York City to Dubai to Moscow to Las Vegas. All of our Rocky Mountain Pine Trees from 4' to 110' tall are available with animation, LED lights, and in heights above 24' our walk through feature can be built into the frame to accomodate your special requirements. We have even built a tree with an escalator that passes right on through. For more information and pricing email, call us at (541) 924-0700, or log on to and download our 2009 catalog.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Light pole banner enhancers commercial led Christmas lights

If you install banners on your light poles at any time during the year you realize the value of their daytime effectiveness. Most banners are not highly visible in low light conditions or in the evening. Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc has the answer to brighten up your banners at night with our Banner Enhancers! All of our banner enhancers are available with LED lights assuring you of years of virtually maintenance free service and incredibly low power consumption. To see many of our most popular banner enhancers go to or visit our Titan Banner Bracket website at You can also email us at or give us a call at (541) 924-0700.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas holiday light pole street decoration displays

The most popular commercial decorations for the Christmas season are typically light pole mounted displays. No manufacturer offers as many designs and options as Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. Snowflakes, candles, poinsettias, Santa, Reindeer, Bells.......the options are truly limitless. All mounting hardware is always included with our displays and all are available with LED lights, unlighted, silhouette, garland, solar disk, and our famous glitter mesh. You can also take advantage of our unique metal storage/shipping racks! For great ideas to decorate your light poles on city streets and in your shopping mall and shopping center parking lots go to , email, or call us at (541) 924-0700.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Titan Banner Brackets pole decoration

Without question Titan Banner Brackets from Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc are the best choice for displaying and hanging your seasonal street banners. Titan Banner Brackets allow you to mount your banners on any shape light pole and can even be installed directly on to the side of a building or wall without banding. We have three different Titan models for you to choose from: The Titan Adjustable, Titan Econo, and Titan SL. All Titan Banner Brackets can be custom color powder coated to match you light poles or blend with your banner program color palette. Our Titan Brackets are gravity cast from rust proof aluminum alloy and our Titan Adjustable features the "dove tail wedge lock" and one bolt tension adjustment and is engineer certified to withstand 80 mph windloads. For more information on Titan Banner Brackets "the preferred choice of banner installation professionals" please log on to, email, or call us at (541) 924-0700.