Tuesday, October 6, 2009

LED Commercial Christmas Decorations and giant artificial Christmas Trees

Wow! It's already the first week of October and we are certainly filling a lot orders for our custom giant artificial Christmas trees, lightpole decorations, and many beautiful wreaths and park displays. This season the displays seem to be most popular with LED lights and our customers are taking advantage of LED lights in almost everything that they order. We offer every display with the option of LED lighting to help you reduce power, reduce waste, ease your maintenance worries, and help the environment while enjoying beautiful displays for the holiday season. Many customers are also taking advantage of our custom decoration storage racks. No wasted cardboard, easy shipping, and phenomenal off season storage capability. We can build steel storage racks for almost any display even if we did not manufacture the decor. Your installation crews will love the convenience and you will enjoy the protection that our racks provide your valuable investment. For more information log onto www.crystalvalley.com , give us a call at (541) 924-0700, or email us at info@crystalvalley.com! Happy Holidays!

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