Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crystal Valley Decorating commercial Christmas and holiday decorations

Easter is coming up and we have been producing fabulous decorations with LED lights for many customers around the country. Chicks n Eggs, Easter Bunnies, and colorful Baskets are just a few of the displays we manufacture for this beautiful spring holiday. Fourth of July is next up on the calendar and we have a fabulous selection of flags, military displays, and plenty of fireworks and stars and stripes representations for you to choose from. If banners are what you need then we have a great selection for you to choose from and we are happy to custom design exactly what you need. Don't forget about our Titan Banner Brackets and Hanging Flower Basket Holders to help adorn your streets with wonderful hanging baskets of spring color. For more information simply send us an email, download our catalog, or just give us a call at (541) 924-0700.

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