Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zoo and Animal Lights from Crystal Valley Decorating

Are you searching for a way to enhance your zoo lights program, or find that one of a kind piece that will delight everyone this holiday season!  Well right now is the perfect time to take advantage of summer specials from Crystal Valley Decorating!  Our Zoo and Animal Displays have been featured in zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens all over the world.  We’ve manufactured multiple true-to life animal designs such as walking elephants, prairie dogs, penguins, blue whales, deer and elk, polar bears, lions and tigers, and other sea creatures.  Our LED light displays are perfect for drawing attention to new exhibits and attractions, or introducing a new animal at your zoo or aquarium.  They are also a great fundraising tool, and can increase overall exposure to draw more visitors in annually.  Best of all, our decorations are made right here in Oregon, USA and are made with over 60% recycled steel. At Crystal Valley we’ve always been green.  This means not only are you getting a unique display for your zoo, but also helping to preserve the planet!  Earn money for your zoo and keep visitors coming back year after year!  Order your zoo and animal lights today!  If you have any questions about our displays simply call us at (541) 924-0700, or if you would like to view more ideas feel free to take a look at our online 2011catalog!

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