Thursday, September 8, 2011

Made in Oregon Christmas Decorations

Crystal Valley Decorating is the leading manufacturer of commercial decorations in the Northwest. We’ve shipped our products to customers all over the world including South America, Russia, Australia, Canada, and Dubai.  Our company is well known across the country for our exceptionally large scale light displays and giant artificial Christmas trees and wreaths for shopping centers, casinos and resorts, businesses, hotels, and city streets. 
Our decorations are made with over 60% of recycled steel and are 90% recyclable themselves! We even custom build reusable shipping and storage racks not only giving you an easy way to store your decorations year round, but also reduces the wasteful use of cardboard.  Best of all our displays are all built in our Oregon, USA facility, not imported.  We are proud to say that we help to support our local economy and hope you will order from companies like us who help keep jobs closer to home.  Order your Christmas and Holiday decorations from an earth-friendly and locally made company!  To place an order with Crystal Valley give us a call at (541) 924-0700, and be sure to check our made in the USA designs by following the link to our 2011 catalog!

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