Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crystal Valley's Custom Shipping and Storage Racks

Have you ever thought about ordering Christmas decorations but are unsure how to store them year after year?  Why not take a look at Crystal Valley’s custom built shipping and storage racks?  Ideal for any type of decoration, they are perfect for safely shipping displays while giving you a way to store your decorations during the off season.  They are custom built with a durable welded steel frame and made with over 66% of recycled materials.  Best of all they help to reduce the wasteful use of cardboard making them not only efficient but earth-friendly as well.  Order your Christmas and Holiday decorations from a company that not only provides you with spectacular designs, but also with reliable shipping and storage options!  To learn more about Crystal Valley’s earth-friendly custom shipping and storage racks simply give us a call at (541) 924-0700 and take a look at our dazzling designs in our 2011 online catalog!  

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