Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Custom commercial displays

Have you ever had a customer that wanted Custom commercial displays? You know, that customer that just had to have something complete unique? Something that truly separates their location/property from all the other towns, shopping malls, or resorts in their area. Custom commercial displays that have so much appeal that patrons will flock to their location to see something that nobody else has for the holiday season. Welcome to our world...the world of "we need something like this!" Many times our customers will have an idea but more times than not they ask us to design a display that matches with their vision. This can be a difficult task but at the same time it can be incredibly rewarding to design exactly what they had envisioned. Some customers want trees with ornate bases and some want trees that allow their patrons to walk through. Many customers want replicas of their logos or mascots in silhouettes of steel or aluminum with custom colors and foliage. How about a giant suspended crown? Yep, we've done that. How about a giant tree over an escalator or a giant tree that fits over a 50' obelisk? Yep, done that as well. Here's one for you; a 30' wreath for the side of a parking garage. Yep, built two of those. See where all of this leads? We love building commercial displays of any size or design for any size budget and each is as unique as the customer that we build it for. Custom commercial displays are 50% of the jobs that we build each year for our customer base and we look forward to each of them. If you have an idea and want to see it come to life this holiday season just give us a call or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!
32' LED Sphere Sculpture

18' 3D Custom Hanging LED Crown

Custom laser cut luminary

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