Monday, March 21, 2016

Titan Vintage Flower Basket Holders

Titan Vintage Flower Basket Holders will help you usher in spring along your streets, in your shopping mall parking lots, on walls and fences, and in your downtown shopping districts. Our Titan Vintage Flower Basket Holders are made of solid steel with supreme weight holding ability, amazing durability, and are so easy to install a caveman could do it in 5 minutes flat! We make all of our flower basket holders in Oregon and Oregon is one state that really knows flowers! All models are available in our five standard powder coat colors but if you want something different have no fear because we will happily powder coat them in any color you desire for a small upcharge. Now is the time to start ordering your Titan Vintage Flower Basket Holders so you receive them in plenty of time to hang those baskets and forget about those piles of dirty snow you have been staring at for months. With no banding required, superior durability, and quality craftsmanship assured by our local Oregon employees you will have years and years of performance. Available in twelve standard designs or custom designs to meet your design palette your hanging flower baskets will look fabulous this year. For more information just give us a call at (541) 924-0700 or send us an email. You can view all of our incredible designs by following this link. Happy Spring from Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc.

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